Cicerone Trekking in the Alps Guide Book

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Cicerone's Trekking in the Alps is an inspirational guide book to 20 classic treks in the Alps.

As well as introducing new hiking areas in the Alps, classics such as the Tour of Mont Blanc, and Chamonix to Zermatt are included.

Trekking in the Alps is immensely satisfying. The physical challenge is part of it, but so too is the sense of achievement as you get to the top of a lofty pass that may have taken several hours to reach.

Then there are the views, the ever-changing panoramas and the distant horizon adorned with peaks and ridges that lures you on day after day.

Edited by Alpine specialist Kev Reynolds, and written by a team of eight experienced authors, writers and guides bringing these classic treks to life.

This compilation of the best walking in the Alps looks at each trek in turn, discovering what makes them special, and how to choose your next trekking holiday.

Classic treks

Tour of Mont Blanc
Tour of the Matterhorn
Tour of Monte Rosa
Chamonix to Zermatt - Walker’s Haute Route
Tour of the Jungfrau Region
Tour of the Vanoise
Alta Via 1 & 2, Italian Dolomites

Longer trans-Alpine treks

GR5 Trail: Through the French Alps  (Lake Geneva to Nice)
E5 Across the Eastern Alps
Grande Traversata delle Alpi: GTA, Italian Alps
Traverse of the Julian Alps, Slovenia

For the Alpine adventurer

The Alpine Pass Route, Switzerland
Tour of the Oisans
Tour of the Queyras
Tour of Mont Ruan
The Stubai High-level Route, Austria
The Zillertal High-level Route, Austria
Gran Paradiso Alta Via 2
Tour of the Ratikon, Swiss and Austrian Alps