DMM Dragonfly Micro Cam Size 3



  • 13.75 degree camming angle
  • Complement smallers Dragon Cams
  • Extendable 11mm Dynatec sling
  • Narrow head
  • Flexible stem cable
  • TripleGrib lobes

Fabric Care and Composition

Active Strength 8kN
Passive Strength n/a
Weight 65g
Range 10.2-15.2mm
Certification EN 12276:2015
More Information
Product Type Climbing Accessories
Providing versatile protection for narrow cracks and pockets, the Dragonfly Micro Cams from DMM are an imperative bit of kit. Featuring the same camming angle of 13.75 degrees, as used with their Dragon Cams, provides the optimum balance of holding power and range. You will also appreciate the holding power of the TipeleGrip lobers and their ‘raw alu’ surface, particularly helpful on smooth rocks.
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