DMM Highball Folding Bouldering Mat

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The hinged style Highball is an extremely popular pad with a great landing area. The hinge allows the pad to be wrapped around sharp bends. It also means that the pad can be doubled up quickly in an emergency when your mate suddenly decides that s/he wants to make a controlled jump down from a highball problem. The Highball is slightly smaller than the Dyno pad, which makes for a lighter carry (a mere 5.4kgs). The neat size also means it is easy to carry between the boulders and fits well into car boots. The slight reduction in landing zone area is more than made up for by the extra thickness of the pad – if you are venturing on higher problems then this is definitely the pad to get. Like all of our bouldering pads, the Highball is very tough and durable. It has Ballistic Cordura on the base, 1000d Cordura on the top and Plastel on the closure flaps. The heart of the mat is a thick layer of open cell foam sandwiched between two high density foam layers which give a good even distribution, even when falling on uneven or rocky ground. Top tip: The folded pad provides a stable block which can be used to pack out holes or provide a base for a multi-pad platform on an uneven/sloping surface. “What I like most about the Highball pads is that everybody in North Wales has got one. This means that at the end of the day you just pick up the nearest pad to hand and head home. Strange how my pad seems as new as the day I got it!” - Pete Robins, DMM sponsored climber

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