Dolomite Womens 54 Surround Walking Shoes

£90.00 Was £149.99


  • Lifestyle casual, breathability shoe
  • Gore tex Surround technology to ensure maximum breathability and waterproofness under diverse environmental conditions
  • Suede leather upper with microholes
  • Second lace option
  • DAS light for a great fitting with ergonomic system
  • TPU outsole and PU midsole delivering stability and flexibility with every step
  • Urban style for easy walking and daily use
More Information
With a classic yet contemporary design, the 54 Surround Walking Shoes from Dolomite is distinguished by its sole's exclusive GORE TEX Surround technology, which guarantees waterproof protection and the best breathability for the foot. A unique blend of style and technology for multiple wear occasions, even in in very hot climates.
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