Dolomite Womens Steinbock Low Gore-Tex Walking Shoes

£100.00 Was £164.99


  • Polyurethan midsole
  • Superior elasticity and cushioning
  • Steinbock Lite
  • Vibram rubber bottom
  • Great traction
  • Gore Tex Vision 3ly lining
  • Waterproofness, breathability
  • Suede upper
  • Durability
  • Stretch fabric cuff
  • Ankle area comfort
  • Rubber toe
  • Toe box protection
More Information
Made for mountain approach over long routes on mixed terrain, the Steinbock Low Gore Tex 2.0 Womens Walking Shoes from Dolomite are a particularly comfortable, sturdy and very stable shoe designed to offer extreme agility and speed to the wearers. Suede upper and tongue, stretch collar, protective heel cup, rubber tip and GORE TEX lining are fundamental elements for a product that delivers all that is essential in a reliable, long lasting shoe. But the shoe's true plus point is the ADH LITE moulded outsole made of a new visco elastic polymer, Whippy, which absorbs shock and transmits energy back to the foot at each step to make walking. A shoe for climbers but also for indefatigable lovers of mountain walking.
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