Due North Get a Grip Pavement Crampons

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Product Type Crampons

Easy on and off : Designed to fit close to footwear, keeping them in place and making them less noticeable on the shoe. They are also remarkably easy to put on and take off. This is the result of a special, natural rubber compound that is three dimensionally moulded so there are no snaps, straps, buckles or wires to pose hazards to the wearer. The rubber retains elasticity and fit in all temperatures.

  • Tungsten carbide spikes give Get a Grip everyday traction aid superiority over other winter traction aids. Tungsten Carbide is 10 times stronger and retains its ice piercing edge longer than steel.
  • Walk with confidence using this grip which fits most shoes or boots
  • Ideal for walker & runners to get extra grip in ice and snow
  • Lasting longer than steel the tungsten carbide won’t let you down
  • Place over the bottom of your shoe and walk with confidence
  • 360 degree spike pattern provides more lateral grip
  • Simple to fit
  • Easy to fold and store in a pocket or bag
  • Extra spikes available
  • We recommend you buy for a tight fit on your shoes
  • Size S/M is equivilant to UK shoe sizes 3.5 - 7
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