Grivel 360° Ice Screw Medium (16cm)

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  • Size:17cm
  • Weight:189g
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Product Type Ice Screws & Anchors

The new Grivel 360° ice screw provides reasuring speed and ease of placement to climbers on winter routes where the ability to make quick placements is crucial.

The 360 can be especially useful in situations where speed is of the essence, such as crevasse rescue and movement on steep ice where the extra bite and excellent grip design pays dividends. Thanks to the ability to lift the handle, the 360 is also particularly good at finding a good hold in awkward spaces between rocks and into cracks. By allowing the user to move the handle without compromising the screws' hold on the ice, as well as it's super slick finish which makes it extremely difficult to clog with ice, the 360 makes the perfect all round scew for the discerning mountaineer.

This versatility marks the Grivel 360° out as an exception tool in a huge variety of circumstances.

Size: Medium (16cm)

Weight: 178g

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