Grivel Daisy Chain

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Product Type Slings

The Grivel Daisy Chain takes all the versatility and convenience of a traditional daisy chain design and enhances safety and durability.

Daisy chains are often considered the weakest link in the system, especially when used in rescues. The rings of a classic daisy chain have a resistance that does not exceed 2kN because they are designed to support a static load, and therefore the only way to use one in security is to use it on the two extreme points. 

The Dyneema slings are so fine that they can sheer as a climber attempts to gain traction. 

Grivel has studied this problem for a long time and, with the GDC, has finally come to a solution. Today the Grivel Daisy Chain offers a guarantee, according to the parameters for each ring, of 22kN of strength.

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