Lifeventure Travel Bottleshower



  • Shower head that fits most water bottles
  • A 2 litre bottle yields a 2 minute 24 second shower
  • Comes complete with a hanging cord
  • Includes a Loc-Top bag for storage
  • Weight: 36g
  • Dimensions: 250 x 160 x 35mm
More Information
Product Type Wash Bags
Store Code 885674

Life Venture’s Travel Bottleshower™ is ideal for improving your personal hygiene when you are on long expeditions, at festivals or camping in the wilderness.

The shower head fits most water bottles  with a narrow neck, all you need to do is twist it into the top of the bottle, hang it upside down and you have a working shower. There will be a constant flow of water with no squeezing necessary.

The Bottleshower™ comes with a hanging cord and a Loc-Top bag for storage.

A 2-litre bottle gives you a 2 minute 24 second shower.