Blue Monday Is Coming: Tips To Get Through It

16th January 2018

Blue Monday. The worst day of the year for feeling just a little bit miserable.

They say it’s due to the grey weather, the fact that January is always a tough one on the wallet, and that we are all coming back to work after having a lovely break stuffing our faces full off lovely things and spending time with lovely people….

But enough of the reminiscing of Christmassy times past.¬†January doesn’t deserve this bad rep – January is your very own advocate for starting a new year fresh with great ideas and inspiration, to do your best and be your best!

But if this Blue Monday notion is niggling at you, and you just need a little helping hand to get you through, then we’re here to help.

We’ve made this very lovely little infographic on just a few tips to get you through Blue Monday, and every Monday in fact – so the year ahead is for you!


Tips To Tackle Blue Monday

#1 Take Control Of Your Morning

  • Change your horrible alarm tone to a tune that puts a smile on your face
  • Set it 10 minutes earlier than normal to have a stress-free, rush-free, feel-good morning

#2 Chow Down On Some Mood Boosting Food

  • Now this can either be what the “scientists” call mood boosting – nuts, fruit, dark chocolate etc. even oysters :/
  • Or, what you call mood boosting – pizza for lunch anyone?
  • Make sure it’s prepared the night before for a stress free lunchtime

#3 Make Your Break “Yours”

  • If Mondays breaks often mean replying to emails or eating at your desk – get that changed!
  • Make sure’ you do you’. Want to read a book or listen to a podcast? Do it – put your earphones in so no one disturbs you and sip away in peaceful bliss

#4 Retail Therapy – The Good Kind

  • Need an extra boost to really get your New Years Resolution moving? Spend today getting kitted out in everything you need to tackle your goals
  • Guilt free spending – now that’s something to smile about

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#5 Pump Those Endorphins

  • Find some time to get that blood pumping and those lovely endorphins circulating by getting in some exercise!
  • If you can’t make time on Monday why not plan for a day out at the weekend to climb a hill or go swim or chase your dog in a field

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So there you have it. Just a few little ideas that might make Blue Monday more bearable!

And why not check out our wellness post: Hiking Is Good For The Mind, Body And Soul

And if you have any advice, please feel free to share! We can always do with some Monday Motivation no matter the month!

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