How To Choose The Perfect Wellies

12th April 2018

Whether it’s bright and fun wellies for the kids to splash around in. Or stylish welly boots for her to make a statement in this festival season. Or even the traditional green Hunter wellingtons that will see you through the marshes – wellies are a must have for any person that loves to get outdoors.

But how to choose the perfect wellies for you?

Well, that’s quite straightforward. We’re going to ask you 3 simple questions that will get you on your way to choosing the perfect pair for you.

 Wellies Hunter Festival

What Do You Want To Use Your Wellies For?

This is an easy one, what do you love to do in the outdoors that wellies would make so much more fun, safe, or enjoyable?

  • Is it a matter of taking the dog a walk around the countryside? Or doing some work in your garden or allotment on your days off?
  • Or do you need to muck out the horses daily and get stuck into the workload on the farm?
  • Maybe you just need a pair to tackle the Great British Summer at one of the many amazing festivals?
  • Is it for your little rascal that loves jumping into puddles?
  • Do you love exploring marshland and finding new fishing spots?
  • Maybe it’s the weather? Scotland’s famous warm rain is still wet rain that you might want to avoid.

For each of these uses, you can then start seeing what options are best in terms of style, price and practicality.

Hunter Wellies Size

Everyday Use Wellies

If you plan to use your wellies for daily tasks around the garden, out on walks, or for your kids to splash about in, then look for a classic pair of wellies that are light and comfortable to wear.

As you’re not likely to be trawling through seaweed or bailing hay you won’t need to splurge on the more technical wellington boot and it also gives you more room to choose based on your own style.

In terms of style you can choose from a whole range of brands, colours, designs and even boot height.

Why not check out our range in our wellie collection.

Workwear Wellies

For those of you that work or spend time in the agricultural or industrial industries that have you putting in the time in environments that could have harsh chemicals, harsh temperatures, and even harsher hours.

For this you want to go for the higher spec welly boots that will provide you greater protection from your surroundings.

Look for tough and durable high-quality rubber that will protect you from heavy objects, cold weather, and shock absorption. Certain boots will give you a stamp of trade rated approval against certain types of common chemicals found in these industries and even have a steel toe cap for additional protection.

If you are spending time in the marshes or fields make sure you get a boot that protects you from harsh temperatures and also provides extreme grip.

Check out these Dunlop Safety Boots from Screwfix.

Fashion Forward Festival Wellies

If you’re more interested in putting your best fashion foot forward then wellies have that covered too. Whether it’s festival chic or countryside inspired you can find a range of brands, colours, and styles to match your look.

Hunter wellies are iconic for a reason, not just for design but for style too.

Wellies make the perfect companion for those muddy festival days where you still want to look great and feel comfortable.

Hunter Festival Wellies


How much will you wear your wellies?

Wellies can be an amazing investment.

They are durable, they never go out of fashion, and they are the most practical boot for tons of situations.

So depending on what you use them for, and how often you will be wearing them you should begin to work out which sort of boot best suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Fashion boots vary in price, funky designs can be found at cheap enough prices. Check out our fashion wellies.

But if you want the brand name you might need to pay the price and you will be less likely to find a wider range of colours or designs.

As you would expect the more technical wellies can see an increase in price, but when it comes to your safety we think it is more than worth it.

For just spending your days doing the things you love you don’t need to splash out a lot of money as long as you find a pair that’s comfortable, but if you think you will be wearing them for the long haul look for a pair that’s more durable that can make the price stretch.

Do you know your wellie measurements?

Not to worry! This is pretty easy to work out without any specialist boot fitters, all you need is your lovely legs, a ruler, and a tape measure.

We assume you know your foot size but if not you can easily work that out by measuring the length of your foot from your heel to the tip of your longest toe in centimeters and then compare against a size chart below*. You can also do this with the widest part of your foot to measure your foot width to see if you would be better with a wide fit boot.

The other important measurement is your calf width to make sure you fit in perfectly to your new wellies.
For this all you have to do is use a tape measure to measure around the widest point of your calf and compare again against a size chart.

Wellies come in a range of different shoe sizes and calf sizes and some even offer adjustable sides like the Women’s Hunter Balmoral Wellington Boots.

Wellie Size Chart Measurements cm

*This size chart is for Hunter Wellies, but if you find another brand you love be sure to check out if they have differing sizes.

So there you have it. 3 simple questions to help you find your perfect wellies.

Not so sure? Why not follow our handy little flowchart to find out if you need to add them to your boot collection pronto!

Wellie Infographic

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