Five Ski Helmets for Winter 2019 [UPDATED]

9th November 2018

If you want to have fun on the slopes, you’ve got to keep safe. And the best way to keep safe is with a ski helmet! 

An essential piece of ski gear whether you’re a beginner on the dry slopes, a shredder on the piste, or a pro cutting down the mountain side. One thing that you all need is protection from those falls that will undoubtedly come.

We don’t mean to be worrywarts but without a helmet you could see some pretty serious, even deadly slip-ups on the slopes, and no one wants that – especially when injuries can be prevented. 

And if you’ve been putting off replacing your old helmet, technology hasn’t be slowing down, making it a great time to invest in a new lighter, safer, and advanced model.

So maybe you think safety is important, but not exactly the most fun thing to buy? But when it comes to helmets you have a huge choice from colours, styles, and features. We think helmets are one of the coolest pieces of your kit too with manufacturers upping the game making them more slimline, lighter, comfortable, and more tech-y.

We have a wide range of ski helmets on offer online and in-store from the basic but effective, to the feature-packed models with all the bells and whistles.

But here are top five for Winter 2019:

Scott Helmet Apic Plus

Lightweight, comfortable and offering a high level of protection, the Scott Helmet Apic Plus is a hard shell constructed, durable helmet that gives the wearer ultimate protection.

The MIPS Brain Protection System, is a state of the art system that enables better protection of the head by reducing brain-damaging rotational movements during a crash.

Sounding technical – it is – find out more about MIPS here.

Rossignol Pursuit MIPS Ski Helmet

rossignol pursuit mips mens ski helmet
Rossignol Pursuit MIPS Ski Helmet – 40% OFF – £80.00

For over 100 years, Rossignol has been one of the most iconic brands for winter sports producing a wide range of hi-tech equipment and clothing for amateur and experts in skiing and snowboarding.

Using their expertise in winter sports they have teamed up with MIPS AB, the leader in helmet safety technology, to produce the Pursuit MIPS ultra-lightweight ski helmet.

Featuring Pro Fit and In-Mold light shell technology, the Pursuit MIPS is lighter and provides a more forgiving fit without compromising the safety of the wearer.

Skiers can customise the fit of the helmet for even greater comfort thanks to the removable ear pads, X-STATIC padding and its quick dial sizing adjustment system.

Temperature can be regulated with six ventilation air vents, along with two in the back. If that wasn’t enough it also is audio compatible.

Salmomon Hacker All Mountain Ski Helmet

The Salomon Hacker all mountain ski helmet is a perfect piece of kit for big mountain and park skiing.

Its super light Twinshell construction with EPS 4D liner offers the wearer premium protection. The hard outer shell provides excellent impact absorption, while the foam walls and soft inner lining helps to decrease impact speed and absorbs a greater amount of energy.

The Hacker comes complete with a super soft faux fur lining and removable ear pads which provides insulation and warmth on cold days. The Custom Dial system allows you to adjust the helmet for a snug fit and allows for quick and easy adjustments while on the go.

Salomon Women’s Icon2 Ski Helmet

A long-term member of the Salomon ski helmet range, this season’s Icon2 has been slightly reshaped, but still maintains its classic simple ski helmet profile. It features EPS 4D Technology which offers increased head protection by depressing to absorb shocks.

The helmet liner and ear pads offer both comfort and warmth, can be removed to machine wash, and the ear pads can be left off for those warmer ski days. Further comfort is gained from the padded chin strap and faux fur featured in the lining to keep you cosy. Use the adjustable ventilation to regulate your head temperature and stay cooler when working hard.

Featuring a sleek matte varnish, this women’s ski helmet comes in a vibrant white so you’re protected without sacrificing that all important skier’s style.

Bern Womens Lenox EPS Helmet

Bern Womens Lenox EPS Ski Helmet
Bern Womens Lenox EPS Ski Helmet – 40% OFF – £48.00

Bern have combined their patented visor profile with seven curved vents to create the ultimate in women’s snowsports head protection. Marrying style with function, the Lenox really delivers.

From its audio ready ear flaps which allows you to drop in audio chips at any point so you can ride to your favorite songs to its thin ABS shell lined with EPS foam, the Lenox provides the wearer with style, a comfortable fit and safety.

So there you have it, our Top Five Ski Helmets for Winter 2019 – and beyond.

If you are gathering up the rest of your ski gear check out our huge range of ski clothing, equipment and accessories.

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