Guide To Buying Kids Ski Wear

6th February 2019

Taking kids shopping for clothing can be an adventure in it’s own right, but taking kids shopping for ski clothes is another challenge entirely.

Keeping the kids warm, safe, and comfortable in the snow and cold temperatures is the aim of the game.

Whether you’re heading on a winter vacation to Lapland (lucky!), or going on a ski holiday in Scotland (just as lucky!) then you will need a ski wear and winter wardrobe to keep the little ones toasty on the slopes.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when buying ski clothes for children to make sure they are all wrapped up as well as knowing what’s needed and what are just additional extras – just to save some money for the apres ski of course!

So fear not, we have written this handy and easy to follow Guide To Buying Kids Ski Wear


Kids Ski Jackets & Winter Jackets

There are three types of winter coats or ski jackets that you should look out for and all three have different properties for protecting your kids from the cold or snow.

Here’s a simple review of each:

Insulated Down Jacket

An insulated jacket is what you might call a down jacket or padded jacket. It’s the most common type of ski jacket for both adults and kids and it makes for a great winter coat too if you aren’t hitting the slopes this year.

The insulated jacket provides heat from, you guessed it, inner insulation either from down feathers or artificial fibres.

The external layer of the jacket will be gauged for its water-proof levels in millimetres and is often water resistant if not waterproof.

Our top pick of Kids Ski Jackets is The North Face Snowdrift Kids Insulated Ski Jacket coming in a choice of 3 colours from only £74.00.

North Face Snowdrift Kids Ski Jacket Ski Wear
North Face Snowdrift Kids Insulated Ski Jacket

Shell Jacket

The shell jacket is best used as an outer layer that is combined with fleecy or insulated mid layers. This is because shell jackets aren’t insulated and are there as the outer waterproof shell that protects against all the rain a cloud can throw at you.

Made with special waterproof material that allows you to stay well ventilated but totally waterproof.

Triclimate or 3-in-1 Jacket

This is no doubt the most versatile coat you can buy for your kids which is great as they are often getting up to three different things at once.

The 3-in-1 (or triclimate) coat combines shell insulation and mid-layers all into one. The removable inner layer of a 3 in 1 coat is a terrific feature as you can wear this as a top on its own if you aren’t needing protection from the rain.

Make sure to try on a selection of different jackets to see what is right for you and what goes with your other pieces of ski wear you may already have.

If you are looking for a perfect all rounder that provides warmth and protection from moisture then go for the insulated down jackets. They are great for day to day wear too.

If you want to be as robust as possible and make sure that you can layer up or down if the temperature is to change throughout the day then a 3 in 1 jacket is a perfect choice.

The shell jacket is a great choice if you already have a great choice of warm mid layers and you’re more concerned about protection from the rain and wet.

Check out full range here – Kids Ski Jackets


Kids Ski Trousers & Salopettes

When checking out ski trousers and salopettes for children, take into consideration that there will be some falls and tumbles!

Therefore you should look for a sturdy material that is moisture resistant and it tough and durable enough to deal with the elements as well as the falls. Some ski pants even offer strengthened knees for that very reason.

Make sure that your kid have enough room to be comfortable and to wear under layers if needed. And with kids, growing comes with the territory so check to see if the pants are adjustable – keep them on the slopes for as many seasons as possible.

Our top pick for Kids Salopettes is the Columbia Bugaboo Kids Ski Pant with patented thermal-reflective technology and adjustable waist. Even better it comes in a range of colours starting from £32.00 only!

Columbia Bugaboo Kids Ski Pants
Columbia Bugaboo Kids Ski Pants – From £32.00

Check out full range here – Kids Ski Trousers

Essential Kids Ski Accessories

To keep as safe, snug, and comfortable as possible on the slopes we suggest that the kids also get some of these essential kids ski accessories


kids ski wear helmet

Keep their little noggins protected with specially designed ski helmets that are lightweight, comfortable, and provide great protection for when someone takes a tumble.

Gloves, Socks and Buffs

No one wants frozen fingers and toes! (And no one wants to listen to a kid with some).

kids ski wear gloves

You can get ski gloves that are perfect for grip and flexibility, or mitts to keep hands super cosy.

Ski socks are another vital accessory, you do not want cold toes, but they also make sure that your boots are a snug fit for better skiing performance.

Buffs are perfect for when a scarf is just too bulky but the thought of icy cold snow on your neck is giving you shivers just reading about it.


kids ski wear goggles

Googles that stay in place and give that perfect clear vision so your kid can take in the full experience.

Base Layers

It’s always best to layer up, and using base layers and thermal underwear your kid can keep snug as a bug on the mountain.

Check out full range of accessories here – Kids Ski Accessories

What To Look For When Buying Kids Ski Clothes

There are some important things to keep your eye out for when shopping for kids ski wear.

Water-proof Levels

Waterproof level is an important one when your kid is going to be in the snow, cause snow isn’t just light and fluffy, it’s pretty darn wet. So check your waterproof levels and make sure you are happy with what it provides.


While it might seem cold outside, inside your ski jacket can get pretty warm due to all the fun had on the slopes working up a sweat. So look out for items that have a breathable layer that allows you to keep hot while allowing the moisture inside to escape.


Working for the same cause as the breathability, ventilation is important to help with air flow and therefore comfort. Good quality ski wear will have zipped vents around the arm pits, which enable cold air to enter and helps to cool off the body when it gets too hot.

Taped Seams

A waterproof coat is only as good as its seam-work. It’s true, the stitching in material can create a weak point in the waterproofing which can allowt moisture to sneak in through the tiny holes. Having taped seams can help prevent this by covering the stitches.


Cuffs are the perfect defense against pesky wind or snow getting into those gaps at your ankles or sleeves. Generally made with Velcro straps, adjustable cuffs are crucial to stop ice cool water from running up your arm caused by snow getting in. Bbbrrrrrrrr!

Extras To Look For In Kids Ski Wear

Depending on your budget and use then there are some rather cool extras you can also keep an eye out for.

Detachable And Adjustable Hood

Sometimes you’re wearing a helmet on the slopes, other times you might just be using the jacket to keep warm. That’s where an adjustable or detachable hood comes in..

Snow skirt

A snow skirt is included or could be attached onto the base of a snowboard jacket, and it stops snow travelling up and onto the back when you fall. A nice extra bit of protection for any kids that hate being cold or wet.


You will be amazed by the number of things you need to hold will skiing and snowboarding. And even if your kid tries to leave all of this with you they will still need to keep some things on them.

So check out what pockets are available, a lot of jackets often have goggle pockets and ski pass pockets. But check out if they are zip or internal to keep those extra important things safe.


Ski clothing comes in some of the most vibrant and exciting colours, and at a higher price it’s good to take this into consideration. You want them to love what they wear for as many ski seasons as possible.

So now you know what to look for when buying childrens ski clothing!

We have a great range of quality kids ski wear from Brands like Rab, Northface and Berghaus.

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