Packing For Family Festivals: Survival Guide

23rd August 2018

It’s bad enough packing up all the things you need for a trip to the shop with the kids, never mind a festival!

But the past month spent daydreaming of chilled out vibes, good music, sunshine and plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained has got you to this moment.

The night before.

Rucksacks and bags and carriers in front of you. Things strewn across the room. Dread in your eyes.

You think about the miles you’ll need to walk, the muddy campsite, your kids turning redder and redder in the sun, the mischievous one wandering off, melted chocolate over the blankets…

Fear not, those things don’t need to be a problem at all. So whether it’s Glastonbury or Kelburn we’ve got you covered with a survival guide to packing for family festivals (with some tips and tricks along the way.)


Camping Gear

To have the perfect festival camping experience you’ve got to set up the perfect camp. To do this you’re going to need to hunt out your perfect pitch, pop up your tent, and kit it out to make it your little den for the weekend.


So whether you’re a family of 3, a single parent, 2 dads, 2 mums, or even cheaper by the dozen sized – you’re firstly going to need a tent.

Check out the Vango Alpha 400 4 Person Tent (pictured below) to be totally safe and sound during your adventure. Down from £104.99 to only £71.00.

Vango Alpha 400 4 Person Tent – £71.00

We’re currently offering a huge ⅓ off all our tents – grab one now

TIP: A cute way to make your tent look more cosy and fun is decorating it with fairy lights or bunting. Not only does it look great but it will even help you locate your tent in the dark. Use solar powered lights for a safer choice.


Sleeping Bags / Mats

Make sure everyone is as snug as a bug when you finally get some well earned shut eye in the best sleeping bags.

Depending on where you are off to you can decide what level of insulation you might need, but as we know the British weather can be fickle so sometimes it’s best to plan for the worst.

Prices can range from 10 quid all the way up to £500. But as you won’t be half way up Everest we can safety suggest the Trespass Doze Sleeping Bag as a perfect lightweight yet cosy choice for you and these Bunka Sleeping Bags for the kiddos.

And don’t forget to throw down a simple sleeping mat or if you have the room an inflatable mattress to protect against the cold underground and give you tons more comfort when you sleep.

TIP: Bring some foldaway camping chairs so you have the freedom to relax outside your tent during the breaks between your festival activities.


Rucksacks, Backpacks and Baby Carriers

(Oh My!)


I know we all want to make use of the hundreds of carrier bags crammed underneath the sink, but the best way to easily bring everything you need to your campsite in one fell swoop is a rucksack.

The best way to decide which rucksack is for you is to get one that is lightweight and the smallest size that is capable of easily and safely carrying everything you need.
We have a huge range of rucksacks with all the bells and whistles to go with it, so why not check them out right here.


Perfect for the the main event, the adventure into the festival site.

One of our favourite is the Lowe Alpine Ignite 15 Backpack that comes in a range of colours and is versatile enough to carry snacks, wipes, sunglasses and pretty much anything you and your family are going to need during your time in the festival site. All at only £24.99!

Lowe Alpine Ignite15 Backpack

Lowe Alpine Ignite15 Backpack – £24.99

And for the Kids? There is none better than the LittleLife Toddler Backpacks. These fun and bright character backpacks are not only amazingly cute but they are also amazingly practical – even coming with child safety reins to keep your little one safe by your side.

Clownfish Toddler Backpack

LittleLife Animal Character Toddler Backpack – From £14.00


Child Carriers

Child Carriers are perfect for the youngest of the group, ideal for carrying your 3 month to 4 year old safety on your back, just like a rucksack.

We’ve already written a full blog post on the amazing benefits of these so why not check it out here: Child and Baby Carrier Guide: What’s Best?

Tip: We  have a current amazing offer on LittleLife Child Carriers with a massive 25% Off the S2 Adventurer and S2 Ranger


Festival Friendly Clothing

Festival clothing is the best – be bright, be fun, be glittery! (But don’t forget to be dry and warm too!)

family friendly festivals

The UK weather can leave you flipping a coin on what to wear, bringing too much, or far too little.

But something that is never a risk is taking a good waterproof jacket. Come rain, come shine (often also wet) a waterproof jacket is going to be your savior. Easy to layer and lightweight enough to throw over your outfit, but there for when the tides turn and the rain pours.

And what else does a British festival call for – Wellies of course! Even in the frequent good weather campsites are known to get pretty muddy. But worry not as there are plenty of comfortable and versatile boots and wellies to keep your toes warm and dry.

Festival Wellies

Hunter Women’s Wellies – From £49.50


Camp Life Essentials

Ah camp life, these are the little things to make the slightly, maybe a little, teeny bit awkward and uncomfortable parts of camping run smoother.

We’re talking cooler bags and storage containers to keep any of your snacks safe and fresh (and not melted on the blankets). Don’t forget to bring water bottles so you can fill them up on site and keep everyone hydrated.

Toiletries! This is a given, can you even imagine going to a festival without wet wipes. We don’t like thinking about it. So stock up and store them in the handy pockets on the side of your backpacks.

Hopefully most places you will be will be pretty well lit at all times, but as Dumbledore says ‘happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’. So, if Dumbledore says so, make sure to bring some torches.

TIP: Check out these handy Glow Markers that are perfect to give to your kids. Fun and luminous but always perfect for keeping little ones safe. Only £4.99.

glow markers festival family

LifeSystem Glow Markers – £4.99


Safety First

When heading away with your family, safety always comes first.

So along with making sure everyone knows what to do and where to meet if something happens you should make sure you have some other essentials with you too.

First things first – a first aid kit, LittleLife do one perfect for the family. Check it out here: LittleLife Family First Aid Kit.

And don’t forget to make sure you keep protected from the sun whether that be with sun cream, sun hats, sun covers, or a combination of all. Other things like ear protection might be needed for your little ones during a festival, and if you are going to be outside you might need some midge spray.


So there you have it. A Survival Guide to Packing For Family Friendly Festivals.

Now go have an adventure and make some memories.

family friendly festival


Feel free to share this guide to help remove the stress from any other parent staring into the mess of bags and things.

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