Support Scotland Rugby This Six Nations- Get Yer Bawbags Oot

31st January 2019

If you’re a fan of Scottish Rugby or even just a fan of Scotland – then Bawbags is the brand for you!

“Exciting designs so your baws are kept tidy in the finest style”

Show your support this Six Nations Championship by purchasing the Official Scotland Rugby Union Boxer Shorts – coming in the traditional blue tartan of the team, the official team logo, or the good old Saltire –  you’ll be backing the boys in blue, quite literally.

And as a special show of support, we are giving away a FREE Wizard’s Sleeve with every pair of Bawbags sold!

Bawbags Official Scotland Rugby Six Nations

Designed in collaboration with the SRU and keeping with the teams official tartan and logo and colours, these deluxe cotton boxer shorts are ideal for supporting your baws whilst supporting the boys.

Not just proudly supporting Scotland, but you will also be supporting cancer charities as a portion of proceeds from every pair go towards fighting male cancer.

“Remember, 98% of testicular cancer cases are curable if caught early enough, so check your baws!’


Bawbags Official Scotland Rugby Boxers

Forget the idea of a true Scotsman feeling the breeze.. a true Scotsman wears these…

 Bawbags Official Scotland Rugby Boxer bawbags scottish saltire boxers Bawbags Scottish Rugby Badge Logo Boxers

If you need to know when to have a fresh pair oan:

Saturday 2nd February

Scotland Vs Italy
This is an easy one now fellas, can probably wear them still half damp from the dryer


Saturday 9th February

Scotland Vs Ireland
Maybe grab an extra pair just to be safe for this game


Saturday 23rd February

France Vs Scotland
Get the baws tucked away this one could be a clincher


Saturday 9th March

Scotland Vs Wales
Need to go in with some Baws to this one


Saturday 16th March

England Vs Scotland
Keep our baws tidy and send the English home swinging low


Scotland Rugby Bawbags


If you are interested in finding out more about the charities that Bawbags donate to then read more about it here.

And don’t forget to check out our range of Bawbags – for life without dull boxers!


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