Ski Boot Buying Guide

11th January 2019

Ski boots are highly personal. This is not a situation where one size boot fits all.

Think. These are my ski boots. There may be many like them but these are mine.

If you are a beginner skier, then you will most likely rent a pair of boots as you learn to tackle the slopes, and this is great to get a feel of what a good ski boot means to you.

Owning your own pair is a must, but where do you begin when choosing a ski boot to suit your needs?

Well, there is a lot to consider. But fear not, we’ve put together the Best Ski Boot Buying Guide From The Experts – Nevisport Glasgow’s Shona Anderson.

Find out what she has to say….

Guide To Buying Ski Boots - Skier

Things To Consider When Buying Your Ski Boots

Here’s a hot tip: If you can head to your closest Nevisport store we can get you fitted up by an expert. Professional advice, an expert ski boot fitting, and a range of boots to help you visual what it is you are looking for free! – Ski Boot Fitting Service

If you can’t make it into a store then this guide is the next best thing.

Let’s start with the things you should consider when buying your ski boots.

Foot length

Foot length is an obvious one, most people already know this in terms of show size but it’s always could to get exact measurements to be sure to get the best fit.

  • To measure your feet at home – Place a piece of paper on the floor then stand on the paper, draw a line around your foot and measure from heel to toe in centimetres.

Foot width

Foot width is another easy one to measure and good to know.

Using the same drawing you made for the foot length, measure across the widest part of the foot.

Narrow width boots are around 97-98mm

  • Narrow width boots tend to be more suited for skiers with small feet or those looking for a snug, performance fit.

Medium width boots are between 100-102 mm

  • Medium width boots are generally comfortable for most people straight out of the box, along with those with average sized feet.

Wide boots will be 102mm plus.

  • Wide boots are, yes you guessed it, made for people with wide feet that are in need of extra space.

Foot Volume

Don’t worry we aren’t asking you to do any advanced maths here.

Just answer whether your foot is highly arched or not.

If your feet are arched then a higher volume boot would be better suited.

Here is a solid guide to telling your foot volume – High or Low Arches?

Ski Boot Fitting Feet Arches

Boot stiffness

The stiffness or flexibility in your boot not only refers to how difficult it is to flex the boot forward, but also has to match your level of ability, size/weight, skiing style as well as personal preference. So this is an important one as well as just your foot size.

The flex rating of a boot is listed using numbers.

Models are rated from around 80 to 130 – the higher the number, the harder the boot is to flex forward and the stiffer it is.

Beginner skiers often prefer a softer flexing boot, while experienced skiers may prefer a boot that is harder to flex. But again it all depends on the skier’s personal preference.

Please note: the flex rating metric is not standardised between manufacturers and it may be difficult to compare between the stiffness of boots from differing brands without trying them on.

General Tips For Buying Ski Boots

When trying on your new potential ski boots go over these tips:

  • There should be a piece of boot touching every part of your foot. It should feel like a nice handshake around the foot, not squeezing and painful.
  • Do not over tighten the buckles. This will create pressure points and numbness.
  • Always stand up to see how the boot feels.
  • Try on your ski boots later in the day. Feet have a tendency to swell a bit throughout the day, this helps to cut down the risk of buying boots too small.
  • Wear thin/medium wool or synthetic socks as these will help to combat excessive sweating and will be more resistant to bunching up providing you with a more precise fit.

If you have any fit problems after your purchase, please seek professional advice in store. We’re always happy to help.

Nevisport have a wide range of ski boots on offer both in store and online from brands such as Atomic, Head, Rossignol, Salomon, Scarpa and Tecnica. 

Happy skiing.

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