Gear Review: Berghaus Stormcloud Waterproof Jacket

11th November 2018

The Berghaus Mens Stormcloud Jacket is one of the most versatile waterproof jackets currently on the market – it’s lightweight, breathable, and offers high performance through everyday challenges and even the most stormy days outdoors! All from only £79.00!

With over 50 years of experience in the industry and their drive to innovate, push the boundaries, and lead the way in the evolution of products, Berghaus is a brand that gives the people what they want – the very best in outdoor gear.


Berghaus Stormcloud Waterproof Jacket

The proof is not just in the pudding with the Stormcloud, it’s in the name too – This waterproof jacket is built to withstand the worst kind of weather, thanks to the fully waterproof Hydroshell fabric and the adjustable hood that sits tight around your head – keeping you firmly protected from the elements.

And on the days when the stormclouds are gone? Look great in this clean design that blends the perfect balance between style and substance.

Berghaus Stormcloud Waterproof Jacket

Berghaus Stormcloud Jacket (Black) – £79.00

Berghaus Stormcloud Features

  • Adjustable Peaked Hood – The Stormcloud’s peaked hood is easy to adjust, giving you good protection from the wet weather without restricting your vision.
  • Two Front Zip Pockets – It’s two front pockets give you ample room to hold a number of personal belongings, be it a wallet, purse, mobile phone and/or camera. The jacket is fully seamed and this includes the zips on the front of the jacket and the pockets, helping to keep your valuables nice and dry.
  • Ventilation – The Stormcloud’s wide cuffs help to ventilate the arms in warm weather and the Velcro on the cuffs allow you to create a seal in colder, wetter weather.
  • Wet Weather Protection – Drawstring toggles around the waist and either side of the hood allows you to seal the jacket to prevent rain from getting to your inner layers.
  • Hydroshell Protection – The fully waterproof fabric keeps you protected from the harsh wet weather but still remains breathable to adapt to any weather.


Berghaus Stormcloud Jacket Review

When looking at a waterproof jacket there is always a lot of factors to take into consideration. Is it in my budget? How does it look? Is it versatile and practical? What are the features?

So with all of these factors in mind I set out to find a waterproof jacket that ticks all of my boxes – below £100, stylish but not a fashion jacket, practical for hikes in bad weather, and high quality material.

All of this lead me to the Berghaus Stormcloud Waterproof Jacket.

The Stormcloud Jacket is very reasonably priced at only £79.99 in Black and £99.99 in Dusk – two very clean colours that look great without being brash. It has a clean design with functional pockets to store everything you need whether it’s a trip to the shops, or a hike up a mountain.

It terms of features and technology it would definitely be a solid choice for hiking in bad weather. The jacket is made from Hydroshell fabric, tried, tested and proved to keep you dry and comfortable in even the wettest of conditions. The Hydroshell fabric offers the wearer good waterproofing and excellent breathability, keeping you protected from the elements as well as adapting too them – whether you’re tackling a trail, a light hike, or even using it for getting out and about day to day.

However, with a waterproof rating of 10,000mm, the jacket was an ideal choice for days spent outdoors.

Berghaus Stormcloud Waterproof Jacket Dusk

Berghaus Stormcloud Jacket (Dusk) – £99.99


Overall Impressions

The Berhaus Stormcloud Jacket is a lightweight and breathable jacket, perfect for fast movement, backpacking, and general use even in wet weather conditions.

Berghaus is a name that can be trusted and they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products, another great reason to purchase this jacket.

At £79.99 it won’t break the bank, allowing you to spend the money you save on other essential gear you may need.

Review by Luke Wallis,
Sales Assistant at Nevisport Fraddon


If you like what you see then check out the rest of our Berghaus Range today!

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