Lowe Alpine Ascent 40:50: Staff Gear Review

1st November 2018

The Lowe Alpine Ascent is a clean, lightweight rucksack ideal for climbers, mountaineers, and anyone interested in seeking those mountain-top views.

Brought to you by the Lowe brothers who created their very first backpack all the way back in 1967. 50 years on Lowe Alpine continue to innovate and develop new high quality products that find solutions to the challenges of the outdoors.


Lowe Alpine Ascent 40:50

The Lowe Alpine Alpine Ascent 40:50 Rucksack is the ideal companion on high alpine peaks, winter climbs, and summer rock routes.

This lightweight top-loading 40 litre capacity pack is an ideal size to fit in everything you’ll need for day out climbing and will expand to take an extra 10 litres if you need it.

It features gear loops on the hip belt, a top tensioner rope holder, and even a unique double headlocker ice axe attachment system – this means not only is there tons of space to stow your gear, this bag is fully equip to take on the snow and ice too. It even has mitt-friendly winter buckles and large grab handles for clipping to belays and is hydration compatible – a very versatile rucksack whether it’s on the snowy mountain face, or trekking through a hillside.

In terms of comfort the Lowe Alpine Ascent features a snow-shedding back system that’s comfortable and supportive whilst getting rid of that snow fall. It also has grip panels for stability and a chest strap, a stow-away hip belt and compression straps to keep your load tight to your back.

Lowe Alpine Ascent 40:50 Rucksack

Lowe Alpine Ascent 40:50 Rucksack – £99.99


  • Capacity 40:50 L
  • Snow Shedding Back System
  • Headlocker ice axe attachment
  • Top tensioner rope holder
  • Hydration compatible
  • External lash points
  • External zipped lid pocket
  • Internal lid security pocket
  • Mitt friendly winter buckles
  • Stowable hip belt for use with a harness with gear loops
  • Chest strap
  • Wand pockets
  • Removable frame
  • Compression straps
  • Large grab handle for clipping to belays
  • Weight: 0.92kg




If you are already sold on this rucksack you can get it here – Lowe Alpine Ascent 40:50 Rucksack or check out the full range – Lowe Alpine.

Or read on to get the inside scoop on this rucksack from our very own Nevisport Staff!


Lowe Alpine Ascent Staff Review

The Ascent is fantastic. The ethos of fast and light is apparent as soon as you pick the rucksack up for inspection.

A lot of work has evidently gone into this alpine pack, making it suitable for a variety of activities rather than only the hardest and boldest of routes.

There is not too much going on either, the clean-cut design makes the product stand out from the crowd, something not many climbing packs can do nowadays without compromising the ability or integrity of the pack.

Lowe Alpine Ascent


The Alpine Ascent has been put through numerous days of climbing and mountaineering in Scotland. Due to the appalling winter season, that we have been stricken with this winter, the pack did not get to see any winter abuse which is a great pity as I believe it would have been an ideal sack for the harsh Scottish winter.

Nevertheless, the pack worked very well for climbing and mountaineering days not to mention the occasional bothy night out.

Regardless of the lack of winter, I packed the rucksack according to how I would usually pack it during a Scottish winter day out, as well as how I would also pack it during my trips to the Alps.

With a full rack, winter layers, food, rope, crampons, first aid kit and helmet I found that the Ascent still had room for more which was very impressive as I did not pack light!

Regardless of the room left over the pack did not seem to lose its clean-cut shape nor did it appear to look “deflated”, something many packs are guilty of.

Whilst packing the Ascent for an alpine trip, I did notice one flaw. The side panel straps were not large enough to accommodate for a sleeping matt, the Thermarest Z Lite Sol was used in this instance.

The pack is the perfect size for fast and light alpine climbs and should, therefore, be able to take a sleeping matt on the exterior for bivvys either on the approach to a route or even whilst on the route, something many routes in the alps require.

The removable back frame was quickly abandoned, usually I wouldn’t use one anyway, however, I initially kept the internal frame intact simply to see how it would feel.

The frame was uncomfortable and kept ones back too ridged. Once the frame was removed it made the sack more comfortable and easier to pack, not to mention the sack would then mould to the users back. This was greatly appreciated on a long walk into a route as the frame would also clip the user’s helmet whilst climbing.

The TPU/PU coating on the surface of the pack was ideal for protecting the panels whilst being hauled and scraped over rock during climbing or scrambling days.

One feature noted whilst climbing was the pocket on the side of the pack used for storing the hip belt. This was perfect whilst climbing as it meant the straps and belt itself were catching on things whilst climbing.


All in all, the Lowe Alpine Ascent 40:50 is a fantastic rucksack for climbers, mountaineers, and alpinists. The tests carried out were thorough and examined every inch of this finely crafted piece of kit.

The pack as a whole does exactly what Lowe Alpine says it does and more. Every aspect of the pack has evidently been carefully thought about whilst assembling, I would definitely recommend this pack to any avid mountain enthusiast or mountain professional.

It is certainly a pack that I can see many preferring to other brands simply on the basis that it fits the bill stated by the company, even to the point that it is user-friendly whilst gloves are worn.

No detail has been missed, and my particular favourite was the unique winter tool holds which are also compatible with gloves. Safe to say the Lowe Alpine Ascent was a treat to test and review.

The only things that I would change about this pack are the internal frame and the size of the side straps other than that the new Ascent pack is a brilliant piece of kit!

Review by Paul Nairn
General Store Assistant at Nevisport Fort William


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