The Dog Lover’s Guide to Hiking in the North East

29th May 2017

From rolling hills to elusive waters, in the UK, we’re blessed with an abundance of natural hotspots perfect for taking a hike – and the North East is no different. Whether you’re tackling the peaks of Roseberry Topping or making your way around Simonside Hills, what better way to explore Britain’s beauty than with your four-legged friend in tow?

Today, we’re throwing the spotlight on 5 of our favourite North East walking routes. Perfect for you and your pet, we’ll talk you through the highlights of each place and why these spots are suited to you and your dog.

1. Low Force and High Force

Stretching along the River Tees, the walk around Low Force and High Force is mainly flat – making it easy to navigate with your dog in tow. There are both on and off lead areas along the route, though beware, there are rocky patches nearer to the actual waterfall – so you might want to keep your dog close by.

The entire route loops around and adds up to around 5 miles, providing walkers with captivating views of both Low Force and High Force at various points along the way. With an accommodating car park and picnic area, sheep carved from limestone and unrivalled views, there’s plenty of reasons to spend a day exploring this area of Teesdale.

2. Bamburgh

A sparsely populated village, Bamburgh is home to miles of unspoilt coastline, making it the ideal hiking hotspot for you and your dog. Whether you’re enjoying a gentle walk in the shadow of the iconic castle or keeping up as your dog bounds through the sand dunes, you’ll soon be ready for a refreshment – and with the dog-friendly Copper Kettle Tea Rooms just minutes away from the beach, you can both refuel whenever you fancy.

Bamburgh Castle - Flickr

If you love nothing more than meeting fellow dog walkers, Bamburgh Beach won’t let you down. Receiving thousands of visitors each year, this sandy stretch is the ideal hotspot for tourists and their pets. And after a day spent getting acquainted with the beach and surrounding areas, dog-friendly cottages in Bamburgh mean both you and your pet are guaranteed a peaceful night’s sleep.

3. Simonside Hills

With a panoramic view of the beautiful Cheviot Hills, you won’t want to miss a chance to take a trip along the Simonside Hills. Located in Rothbury, this Special Conservation Area is ideal for anyone interested in bird watching, hiking, or just spending a day up close with nature.

Simonside Hills - Flickr

With an abundance of squirrels, red grouse and even wild goats living here, it’s best to keep your dog on a leash when walking through the Northumberland National Park, especially when approaching livestock. This way, you can ensure your four-legged friend stays safe while respecting the rules of the countryside.

4. Hamsterley Forest

For the ultimate countryside escape, Hamsterley Forest is an adventure waiting to be discovered. From picnic sites to bike trails, this picturesque area of the UK is the ideal setting for an afternoon spent away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. There are several walking trails here, varying in length and difficulty – so you can choose your route on the day.

If you’re a true nature lover, be on the lookout for the area’s weird and wonderful wildlife, as well as the various species of plants and trees. When your dog tires of exploring, there are water dishes at the Hamsterley shop – perfect for helping your pet refuel after an exciting day of adventure.

5. Roseberry Topping

Scaling around 1,000 feet, Roseberry Topping is a popular walking spot for both locals and visitors alike. Dog walkers are welcome here, and a safe harness for your dog will help you abide by the area’s rules, by keeping your dog by your side at all times. Heading up Roseberry Topping during the summer months can be tiring and thirsty work, so make sure to carry essential drinks and snacks in your backpack for both you and your dog.

Roseberry Topping - Flickr

With car parking and toilets on site, you’ll have everything you need to set you up for the steep ascent – and with stunning 360-degree views acting as your prize, the challenging hike will be worth every step.

From hillside peaks to breath-taking beaches, wherever you’re planning on hiking this summer, there are plenty of dog-friendly spots scattered throughout the North East.

Written by Chantel Stevenson | Cottages in Northumberland

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