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13th September 2018

When it comes to technology we want it to organise our entire daily life, but we don’t want it to impact it.

This means we demand features and technologies that fit seamlessly into our lifestyles aiding our day to day activities without taking us away from them, and the perfect way technology does this? Smart watches and other wearable technologies.


The Rise of Wearable Technology

Technology just keeps getting smaller. But size doesn’t affect the functionality – in fact it’s quite the opposite. Technology is getting better too.

Remember, the first mobile phones – they had actual buttons, no touch screens, not even coloured displays, and what about those extendable aerials?! And nowadays? You can keep your whole life organised on a device that’s small enough to fit in your jean pocket or even around your wrist.

And there are apps for everything! The cold wintery weather? It’s no match for your smart accessory! You can turn your heating on before you arrive home to save you from the chill.

Forgot your credit card? No sweat! Your smart watch has you covered with contactless payments.

Gone are the days you actually have to get up to turn on your lights (yes, you can even buy smart wireless bulbs).

So, however you dream of using your tech, there’s going to be something out there for you.

With so many of us relying on our devices daily, the next clear step into the digital era was wearable technology.


Wearable technology?

We’re talking smart watches, activity and fitness trackers, GPS systems, heart rate monitors, music players –  all on these things and more, on your wrist – it’s accessible, functional and even looks great.

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The demand for wearable tech just keeps getting so much bigger and with every new release the rest of the market push to make their product the best.

There is so much to choose from in the fast-paced world of tech it’s hard to keep up. Sometimes you know exactly what you need, other times you know what you want (but maybe not what you need) and even more times than not, you don’t yet know what you want you just need someone to show you.

So for all of that, we’ve put together a short guide to wearable tech and the benefits to give you a better idea of what Smart Watches are out there for you.



What can a Smart Watch do?

Traditional timepieces serve one function – to tell the time. And although the general idea is the same (I mean, they still call it a watch), smart watches can do a heck of a lot more for you nowadays than just keep you from being late.



The capabilities are endless – they’re so good in fact you don’t even need to take your phone or wallet with you when you nip out to the shop – leaving your house without your phone and wallet!? I know it’s shocking! – But it can be true depending on what your smart watch is capable of.

Each style is unique and not every watch offers the same tech but here is a list of things your smart watch can do for you.

  • Notifications
    Sync to you phone to receive text notifications, Whatsapps and answer calls (we said you won’t even need your phone with you anymore!)
  • Smart pay features
    (Yup no wallet) – Similar to you smart phone. You can set up some watches to work as a contactless payment method. Ideal for running back to the shop if you forget the milk.
  • Calendar
    Get organised – Keep your diary on your wrist. Sync your phone calendar to your smart watch and you’ll get your reminders for appointments, to do lists and more.
  • Personalisation
    You can personalise your screen to suit you. Download different watch faces and apps for your own style and needs. Change your watch straps to match your look. Your watch really is what you make it.
  • Voice commands
    You can pretty much do it all hands free. Google search using voice commands if you need directions to the nearest petrol station, set a timer for 30 mins and a whole load of other stuff. The possibilities are endless.
  • Music player
    Stuck on the bus? Hook up to your wireless Bluetooth earphones for music on your wrist. Whether you’re into heavy metal or Disney classics you can load all your favourite tunes on to your watch and enjoy on the go. You can even listen to your favourite podcasts.



Smart Watches for Health and Fitness

If fitness is your focus, then there are definitely some smart watches on the market for you.

garmin sport watch running

Packed with additional features to help you push the limit, keep your motivation, and achieve your new personal bests.

Sports styles are perfect for beginners who want to get more involved with fitness – they help keep track of your progress. Go on, sign yourself up for that 5K run. You can do it!

  • Fitness trackers
    Most styles come with a pedometer and heart rate monitor. Count your steps, track your calories burned, map your routes, record your personal bests – keep track of every aspect of your fitness routine and log your progress. That way you can maintain your level or push it further and make the most of your routine. Many watches track a variety of sports like running, cycling and swimming.
  • Sleep trackers
    Getting a good night sleep is amazing for your health. Some smart watches monitor your sleeping patterns so you can get the most out of your nights snooze. Some even know when the best time is to wake you up with smart alarms.
  • Waterproofing
    Some sports styles are waterproof so you can track water-based activities such as swimming. Make sure yours is waterproof before you literally jump in the deep end though (that could be an expensive mistake!).

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Smart Watches for the Explorers and Adventurers

You live for the great outdoors. In your free time you’re off exploring or planning your next adventure – whether it’s camping, climbing, hiking or skiing. You want to see new places or reach new summits and push your abilities to the max. If this is you then a Smart Outdoor Sports Watch is your best choice.

Here are some features you can look out for –

  • GPS and Maps
    Some watches are optimised for wrist based navigation. Ideal for the weekend adventurer – GPS styles will keep you on the trail.
  • Additional activity tracking
    For the adventurous types, an outdoor watch can give you more options when it comes to tracking your activities. Hiking, trail running and even paddle boarding – I mean if you can track it then you have to give it a go, right?!
  • Battery life
    If you enjoy long expeditions or weekend camping trip where you won’t necessarily have access to a charger when you need it, there are a variety of outdoor styles with extended battery life to see you through your adventure.
  • Biometric data
    Some watches even track your blood oxygen levels (at this stage there really isn’t much these watches can’t do).

Garmin do an entire range of specialist outdoor watches that can cover all of the above, and more – check out our full collection of Garmin products here.


Should I Buy a Smart Watch?

It’s really up to you but we think they’re pretty amazing.

You might still think a watch should just be on your wrist to tell the time – but just look at the possibilities and how many gadgets you can combine into one. And just imagine what you’ll be able to do with your watch in the future.

If you’re thinking about getting a smart watch then we hope our guide has given you an idea of what’s out there on the market.


Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, a lover of all things outdoors or you just need your watch as an extension of your phone then you’re sure to find the right Smart Watch for you.

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