Salomon Unisex COSMIC PHOTO Ski Goggles



  • Over The Glass solution  : More than just fit, the OTG solution for Cosmic combines a comfortable shape over eyeglasses, and drastically reduces fogging by improving airflow around the eyes.
  • Efficient air circulation  : Carefully designed and tested air vents ensure more air moves through the goggles to evacuate moisture and reduce fogging.
  • Dynamic color tint change  : Dynamically adjusts to changing light conditions from lighter to darker, and resists the effects of cold temperatures on tint.
  • Airflow system ,Offers maximum airflow, bringing fresh air into the goggle while pulling moisture out
  • Photochromic Technology
  • Responds to changing light conditions by dynamically adjusting the level of lens tint from lighter to darker
  • Specially studied to accommodate prescription eyewear worn underneath the goggle
  • Over The Glass compatible
More Information
Product Type Goggles
Cosmic Photochromic is the goggle that glasses wearers have been waiting for. It fits great over glasses, and won't fog no matter how thick the air gets or how hard you ski. And the photochromic lens changes with light conditions.
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