Salomon Unisex N WARDEN MNC 11 Ski Bindings



  • Multi-norm, easily adjustable : Adjustable Toe Height and Sliding AFD is compatible with all boot norms on the market. ,Strong and precise : The U Power Toe and Oversized Platform are integrated to provide strong, precise power transmission. ,Smooth and progressive : The Progressive Transfer Pads underneath the toe and heel ensure more shock absorption. ,MNC (Multi Norm Certified) ,Same performance and guaranteed safety level, whatever your boot norm. ,Arch Heel ,SOLIDITY
  • Heel arch technology for lateral reinforcement.
  • 73mm wide for increased lateral transmission. ,SOLIDITY
  • U Power construction with toe directly built in its platform, for maximum solidity and transmission.
  • Oversized, 71mm wide platform enabling high transfer of energy, even on wide skis.
  • MNC
  • Compatible with all normed boots, without compromising safety or performance. ,Compact Toe ,
More Information
Product Type Bindings
WARDEN 11 MNC offers freeride performance for every boot-sole norm on the market. With a wide toe-piece and mounting pattern, it drives wide skis better than traditional bindings. Warden is a great choice for modern freeride and all-mountain skis.