Sherpa Rimjhim 2 Hand Warmers

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  • Hand knitted
  • Weight:105g (3.6oz)

Fabric Care and Composition

100% wool
Lining - 100% Polarfleece® polyester
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Product Type Gloves
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It seemed a crime to throw out the perfectly good remnant yarn that results from the making of their other wool hats, so Sherpa have used it to create randomly-coloured, one-of-a-kind wristlets—and fell in love with the outcome.

Made of wool, and lined with fleece, they keep hands warm and fingers dexterous. The knit pattern results in a scrunched-up, really appealing texture.

Rimjhim means colourful in Nepalese.

Please note: Colours may not be exactly as shown in the image due to being hand knitted.