Swix F4 Universal Glide Wax 80ml



  • Size:80 ml
More Information
Product Type Ski Care

For skiers and snowboarders who don’t have the time or inclination for ironing and scraping, the F4 system offers excellent performance, and it’s easy to rub on and polish. Although not as deeply penetrating as ironed waxes, the unique base bonding capability of fluorocarbons contained in the F4 wax causes the wax to stay on the base much longer than other paste waxes.

  • Designed for convenience and to make skiers and riders aware that waxed skis and boards are more fun
  • Wide range of conditions; approximately a 25 degree range of -15 degree centigrade to +10 degrees centigrade. This makes F4 a great universal wax.

After using F4 several times, it is recommended that the bases be cleaned by using wax remover, or the hot-scrape cleaning method. This is done to clean the dirt from the base and remove old, dirty wax. After cleaning, brush the base with the bronze brush, polish with Fibertex, and the skis/board are ready for a fresh application of wax.