Swix White Nylon Coarse Brush



  • Brush mix:Coarse nylon
  • Category:Racing
  • Swix code:T161
More Information
Product Type Ski Care
  • White nylon coarse brush
  • Cera F initial brush for racing

Swix brushes are designed for brushing wax out of the structures (base patterns) in ski bases and snowboards after you have used the acrylic scraper: Should be used in one direction, from tip to tail. Special brushes are also used before waxing to clean and open base for better wax absorption.

It is recommended to use separate brushes for the waxes from the brushes used for Cera F.

There is a wide selection of Swix brushes. They are made at different price levels with different qualities depending on whether you are in the sport/recreational category or into high level racing having to do many skis or boards in a short time.

Ideally, you should use at least three brushes for waxing:

  • One coarse bronze brush to use before every waxing
  • One medium bronze brush for after waxing and scraping
  • One nylon brush as final finish

Although you can use a medium bronze brush for the first two-steps.