Wild Country Climbing 12x240mm Dyneema Sling

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The first of these more ‘difficult’ products to produce and a real breakthrough in sling technology 12mm dyneema which was the first sling to be designed and made to Wild Country’s own specifications. Almost the 'industry standard' now 12mm Dyneema is the most widely available sling diameter. However, difficult to produce at the time, combining dyneema and nylon in a weave that was predictable and reliable enough to give the ‘sewability’ required to make the three sigma target every time 12mm dyneema was first sold in 1999 and was both hailed as radical, as well as unfeasibly thin when first marketed. Indeed at first there were many sceptics who felt it was too thin and wouldn’t appeal to a public that was still mainly hooked on 19mm nylon. At only 22 grams a metre its lightness and flexibility was astounding and meant that swapping from 19mm tubular nylon (about 42gms metre) saved nearly 50% of the weight per sling. Due to this superb ratio of weight to performance, and a proven longevity, 12mm Dyneema is now a benchmark in slings and Wild Country produces a full range of slings in 12mm Dyneema. Weight:103g Strength: 22kN