Wild Country Climbing Rock 8



  • Size:8
  • Colour:Turquois
  • Weight:41g
  • Range:21.6-24mm
  • Strength:12kN
More Information
Product Type Climbing Chocks
Store Code 365048

Wild Country Rocks’ unique shape is engineered to take up the most stable position in any crack. Smoothly machined edges and corners, together with the use of carefully selected aluminium extrusions, ensure Rocks bed easily into cracks, and can be easily cleaned.

  • Bright anodised colour coding makes it easy to identify the right size on your rack
  • Rocks unique wedge shape - convex on one side, concave on the other, optimises stable positioning within a crack
  • Planar side tapers enable easy placement and allow you to ’turn key’ Rocks into pockets
  • Made of extruded aluminium alloy for a perfect blend of durability, strength and shear resistance