Wild Country Climbing Rockcentric 5 on Dyneema??



  • Size:5
  • Weight on Dyneema®:54 g
  • Strength on Dyneema®:14 kN
More Information
Product Type Climbing Chocks
Store Code 364018

Each Rockcentric is numbered clearly on the largest surface and equipped with a strong, lightweight, colour-coded Dyneema® sling.

Rockcentric’s can be placed in four different orientations and the opposing convex and concave curved faces insure stability whichever position is chosen. The tapered and angled side faces make side on placements in flared shallow cracks possible.

Alpinists will be interested to know that the method of manufacture allows Rockcentrics to be hammered into iced up cracks; making them a very valuable addition to any mountain arsenal. A selection of Friends, Rocks and Rockcentrics can be tailored perfectly into a lightweight rack for Alpine routes, summer or winter.

  • Colour coding makes it easy to identify the right size on your rack
  • Threaded with Dyneema®