Wild Country Climbing Zero Friend 0.75 Wire Chock



  • Narrow Head
  • High-Friction Machined Cam Faces
  • Stem Protection With Spring
  • Effective Flexible Stem
  • Ergonomic Floating Trigger Design
  • Strong Lightweight Design
  • Ergonomic Thumb Loop
  • 10 Mm Dyneema Extendable Sling
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Store Code 893097
The Zero Friend 0.75 Wire Chock from Wild Country Climbing is perfect for any climbing adventure. The narrow head allows you to go through any small crack on the mountain. The stem is flexible to allow you to move easily. The wire chock is strong but lightweight for you to easily use. The dyneema sling is extendable by 10mm. the stem is protected by a spring to give you that extra support when climbing.