Swiss Army Knives & Multi Tools

Our range of Swiss Army Knives and multi-tools offers impressive versatility in a wide range of situations. With so many to choose from even Bear Grylls would be drooling at the endless possible uses.

Make sure you’re ready for anything with our huge array of quality tools in compact forms. Whether you're looking for a versatile multi-tool or traditional Swiss Army Knife, you can find leading options in our range.

A Swiss Army Knife is a fantastic choice of pocket tool, the versatile attachments make sure you're prepared for any situation, and the high-quality knife itself is a durable staple that you can rely on time after time after time.

We have carefully selected a huge range of pocket knives and multi-tools suitable for a huge range of people. So whether you're looking for one of the standard Swiss Army Knives or a modern card multi-tool you can find the perfect option in our range.