Women's Snoods & Scarves

Ensure your neck is well protected from the biting cold and icy wind with our current collection of women's scarves & buffs. Helping you to keep going when the chill hits, a soft and warm scarf or a multi-way Buff can provide the relief you need. Check out our entire selection for the best protection against the elements.
  1. Buff Thermonet Osh Snood GRY
    £15.00 Was £20.95
  2. Buff Polar Fugia Snood
    £20.00 Was £26.95
  3. Buff Polar Serra Snood
    £20.00 Was £26.95
  4. Buff Polar Anira Snood
    £20.00 Was £26.95
  5. The Buff Sumire Multi Snood
    £15.00 Was £22.95
  6. Rab Tube Snood
    £10.00 Was £14.99
  7. Columbia Wayfarer Scarf
    £1.00 Was £15.99