If you're heading away for a long time and need to transport a lot of kit for your stay, why not take a wheeled or duffel bag? Offering lots of storage in an efficient form, duffels are a great travel solution for those who intend to base themselves in one place for a while. Coupling one with a smaller daypack allows you to get out sightseeing without the bulk too.
  1. Snokart Kart 6 Zoom Luggage
    £150.00 Was £280.00
  2. Snokart Zoom Pack Backpack
    £35.00 Was £59.99
  3. Salomon Prolog 25 Duffle Bag
    £25.00 Was £44.99
  4. Nevisport Aberfeldy Ski Bag
    £10.00 Was £29.99
  5. 2 colours
  6. 2 colours
  7. Lifeventure Wash Bag
    £15.00 Was £19.99